Monday, January 10, 2011

A Winter Wonderland

We awoke this moring to our own winter wonderland, everything was covered in snow. So beautiful!! This afternoon it started icing, so now the snow has a layer of ice on it. As of now we still have our phone, internet, and power, hopefully it will all stay on, we havn't had any trouble with any of them yet!

We played around in the snow with the kids when they woke up and then we got busy packing up the upstairs. Snow nor ice kept us from taking advantage of the Major having a snow day! The kids cleaned out their rooms of things that they no longer wanted, and the Major and I were able to move two trailer loads over to the new house. One load of filled boxes and the second with furniture. Who says you can't move in ice and snow.....all you need is a big tarp and tie-downs!

It's starting to shape up at the new house. The upstairs is almost complete, and I venture to say that after tomorrow, it will be, along with another room too I am sure! The Major has another snow day tomorrow too! The kids already had off today and tomorrow, so we'll take advantage of our time and utilize it to move!

I am not quite sure which other room we will move tomorrow, mabe we'll start on the living room? All I know is that it is awesome moving into our own home where we have already painted and there is new carpet!

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