Monday, January 31, 2011

The Time of Our Life

Hard to believe that less than 3 weeks ago we started moving into our new home. The house is 90% done, the last 10% would be the attic and yard sale things that need to be moved over. That will probably be accomplised this coming up weekend, if it is not raining. Snow and ice didn't stop us, but rain is different....can't move things in the rain!

All of the rooms look so nice in our home. We finally hung up pictures and the piano was moved over yesterday. It looks really nice in the dining room and today I will hang pictures in that room. Yesterday was such a beautiful day and after Church we spent a few hours outside placing our gutter drain guards, moving my Granny's patio furniture to the front porch and putting up my bird house in the back yard. I love having a front and back porch, it's nice!

We had a busy but fun weekend. The Princess was in a pagent at School. She did well and was so beautiful on stage. She is one of our miracles(the other is the Bookworm) and on of our blessings(the other is the Bookworm). She and I had a wonderful time Saturday morning as we had Mom and daughter time getting her hair and make-up done. It's very important in a family to spend one on one time with your children.

This week is relatively slow looking on our family calendar. The Bookworm is excited....he found out last weekend that he can still be on the Archery Team as a 6th grader, he of course is thrilled and yesterday he was outside practicing. He starts practice with the team on Wednesday after school and he is anxious to start so that the team can qualify for the State Tournament that will be coming up soon.

We're having the time of our life being a family and living one day at a time. Am I being silly saying this, not at all. You should also be having the "time of your life". Why? Because Jesus says do not worry about the things of tomorrow. We are to live in the present. We are not to worry or stress, live in the now. This is easier said than done a lot of times, but with prayer and putting God first and all of our trust in Him, it can happen. This is the best days of your life, so have the time of your life :)

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