Monday, January 17, 2011

A Full, Busy and Unusual Week

This past week has been far from normal! The kids have had out of school since last Monday, the 10th and will not go back until tomorrow, the 18th. The last time that the kids and I have been out of the house was last Sunday! Explanation.....last Sunday night it started snowing and continued all day Monday with ice also. This was excellent for the kids since they had off from school last Monday and Tuesday anyway :) So their snow days where school was closed was Wednesday through Friday! Thus making a full week off from school. Plus today is a Holiday so everyone has off, even the Major! So today is def. the kids last day off, they will venture back to their meeting with the books tomorrow morning.

As for today, the dish guy is here hooking up our tv's and the Princess and I will be going to her MRI appt. later. Then it is back to more moving. We need to clean some over at the other house, and move somethings over here. It is hard to believe that last Saturday we started moving and we are completely done...almost! All that is left are the bathrooms, our closet and the Bookworms closet, the piano, and the attic things. The kids were a huge help moving when the Major had to go back to work last Wednesday. We moved 12 loads in the van on Wednesday, on Thursday the Princess and I moved her entire room(and she already has it all put back together), Friday was to be the day that the Bookworm and I moved him room over, but I became very sick(still sick) thus having to go to the Doctor and put on bed quarters for a few days for flu like symptoms and a lymphoid infection(boy does it hurt like crazy when I swollow and talk!) Not to mention that the Bookworm started being sick on Wednesday with vomiting and diarhea and wasn't well until yesterday! FUN week!

Hats off to my Mom with coming up yesterday and helping me move the entire kitchen over, even putting con-tac paper in the cabinets :) Love you!

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