Monday, March 23, 2009

Update on the Bookworm

The Bookworm as you know from an earlier post got injured at Baseball the other night. He awoke Thursday morning with a high temp. of 102.4. He stayed home on Thursday and on Thursday night I took him back to the UCC to see the doctor that saw him the previous night. Boy do I like Dr. Keiger! She was so nice and had the nurse on the lookout for us when we walked in so that we wouldn't have to wait! Anyway, this time they did a couple of x-rays on the Bookworm and one of them the Dr. was alittle concerned about. She said that she would talk to us when she was working again on Sunday night and let us know what the Radiologist says.

So Friday that Bookworm stays home again from school and the Nurse from the UCC calls saying that the PA that was on that day wanted to schedule a CT for the Bookworm. So we set that up for tomorrow(Tuesday). I talked to Dr. Keiger last night and she said that the xray showed that there was swelling in one particular place on his upper jaw. She said that we were going to see how he does today and if he has NO pain what-so-ever, then we will not do the CT tomorrow. He had no pain all day yesterday, I am praying that he has no pain today too. I really do not want to expose him to all of that radiation!

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for the Bookworm. And if you are wondering if he is still going to continue playing baseball, yes he is. He said of course I am! Maybe I can put him in a bubble when he is on the field so that he doesn't get hit again!

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