Thursday, March 19, 2009


It's Spring and that means that it's time for Baseball season! The Princess is playing softball this year and the Bookworm is playing Baseball. One of them has practice just about every night of the week, The Princess even has practice on Saturdays.

Yesterday the Bookworm had practice. They practiced hitting the ball with the pitching machine and the Bookworm did very well, he adjusted to the pitching machine really quick. When it wasn't his turn batting, he covered first base. He is really good playing first, he has played first before. All was going well for the first 30 minutes of practice until the Bookworm went to catch a ball being thrown to him from third and it went "smack" right on his chin. The Bookworm's hand went right over his mouth and I thought for sure that there was going to be lots of blood and teeth everywhere when I got to the other side of the field where he was. When I got to him, there were no tears coming from him and he was still standing tall. I would have been screaming!! I checked him out and he had blood from the inside of his lip and a few of his teeth, but none of the teeth were loose, praise be to God! I grabbed his water bottle and made him rinse out his mouth and then had the Princess run to the van to get the cool gel packs that I keep in the van just "in case" something like this happens!

The Bookworm was tough and held on til the end of practice. He put the gel packs on his jaw and chin and we drove home. The swelling had already begun and so did the black and blue. When we got home we explained to Dad what had happened and decided that if he started having really bad pain in his jaw that we would take him in. We started eating dinner and the Bookworm starting complaining about the pain and that his jaw was hurting, and that when he moved his toungue in his mouth that it hurt as well. So, the Hubby put his uniform back on and took the Bookworm on Post to the UCC(urgent care center.) They left at 7 and didn't get home until 12,midnight! The doctor didn't do an xray because she didn't want to expose his whole head. She said her specialty was facial bones and she thought that he hadn't broken his jaw but told the Hubby that we need to watch him for the next 3 or so days.

So, it is almost 9 this morning and the Bookworm is still in his bunk bed sleeping. I checked on him and his face is swollen to about 2x's it's normal size. I am not waking him, he needs to rest. When he does wake-up, I plan on letting him eat if he can, put ice on his face/jaw/chin and take some more pain medicine. I thought that I would sign him in late today for school, but I think I'll let him stay home today. Who would want to go to school in pain like he is and who would want to go to school with a swollen face! So today he can stay home and get some Mama love and hugs. Tomorrow is another day, actually he has an all day field trip and I am a chaperone! Fun!

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