Monday, March 23, 2009

The Princess

I have to brag about the Princess on my blog today. We checked the mail when we got home yesterday from our weekend away(the kids stayed at my parents for the weekend and the Hubby took me to Charleston for my birthday), and there was a letter in the mail from the Princess's school. Usually you get something in the mail from the kids' school, what do you do, assume that it is not good! Of course that is what I did!!

Anyway, I opened it and read the long lengthy letter! I called for the Hubby and the Princess to come out where I was. The letter stated that the Princess has been chosen to be inducted into the National Junior Beta Club for her school!!!!! I don't think that I need to say how very proud we are of her, but I am going to say it anyway............I am a very proud MOM! I am just beside myself on how well she has adjusted to our move, from going to being homeschooled to public school, etc. Way to go Princess! Can't wait til the ceremony in April! I will take pictures and make sure that I post them.

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