Friday, March 6, 2009

Determination&Dedication=A Better Me

I havn't blogged anything about what's been going on in my personal life, as in me and only me. Not Hubby and not the Princess and not the Bookworm, just me and not as Mom either.

Starting in January, actually 40 days ago today, I decided to clean the pantry and fridge of all junk food and ALL processed food from our home. We now eat fresh everything, and mostly organic. Back 40 days ago we also purchased the Wii Fit for our home, we already had a Wii. So I decided that I would start doing the Wii Fit for 1 hour everyday, plus walk/run around our neighborhood every night with the Hubby while we walk the dog. I set up my profile on the Wii Fit and put that I wanted to lose 30 pounds by my birthday which is March 21st. I thought yeah right, I know I want loose that much. So my venture began and everyday I did the Wii Fit, ate right, and walked/ran.

As of today I have lost 25 lbs.!!! I am very proud of myself and people have started to notice. I am not the only one that has trimmed down in the family either. The Hubby has lost too. The Princess and Bookworm have both lost also, to the point where their pants are very very baggy and loose. And let me just say that we are not dieting, we are merely just eating right and eating healthy.

So, today I did something to reward myself, I went and enjoyed the morning at the beauty salon! I am back home with a new cut to go with the beginning of a new me!


Cheri said...

Hey - shoot me an email with some details about what you ARE eating these days, recipe suggestions, etc.

We've switched to more fruits/veggies and whole grains where we can, but now with four kids, the cost of feeding our house is skyrocketing! Any tips you can offer would be much appreciated - I've got to do something...

Vanessa said...

Hey Stac, that's AWESOME! Now, I wanna see pictures! You guys gonna be around this summer when I'm driving through...?? Would love to see you!