Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Week Full of Happenings at The Cottage

This week has been a week full of happenings at the Cottage, despite our busy, normal week, it got a lot busier with Mom going down! And you know when Mom goes down, the whole house goes into chaos and overdrive! Surprisingly, things continued on the norm....

Sunday was busy as usual, Breakfast at Church, Sunday School, Church, lunch, Choir Practice and AWANA. Sunday night, I start to feel not well and start slowly getting what I know is a migraine. Monday, normal school day and starting to feel worse in my abdomen, plus the headache is actually a migraine. Tuesday, feeling much worse and still a migraine, but life continues at the Cottage. Tuesday night, I'm in so much pain that I can't move, the Major wants to take me to the ER, I say no, lights off and I try to sleep hoping that pain meds I took will knock me out! Wednesday, I am out not knowing that the Major has gotten the kids up and off to school and has made me an appointment to go to the Doctor and that he has called work and told them that he will not be in today. 10:00 and we are sitting at the Doctor, 11:00 and the Doctor thinks I may have a busted ovary. 11:10 I receive morpheine in the form of a shot, between the hours of 11:15 and 12:30 can't sleep even though I am tired because I have to drink so much water to have an ultrasound done at 12:45. 1:00 finally get two ultrasounds done and in so much pain while getting it done! 1:45 on way back to the Doctor to get results from the tests. 2:00 tests were fine, next step Doctore calls Hospital ER to tell them I am on my way and suspects diverticulitis and a possible burst. 2:15 arrive at ER. 2:30 blood is taken, another urine sample is taken, IV is put in and more morpheine is given into my IV. Pain is still there... Must drink white chalk "berry tasting" for CT scan. Hold my nose for 10 minutes while I drink two huge cups hurridley so I could just be done with it, mission accomplished and feel like throwing up! An hour later taken for CT scan, two or done one normal and one with ink injection in my IV. 6:00 and Doctor comes in says CT was normal, is sending my home and diagnosis is "abdominal pain". The Major and I look at eachother and then the Doctor and say, "we knew that when we got here!" Pain meds given, come back if still have pain or if it gets worse.

After 7:00 at night, we are finally home and I get in the bed and I am no better than I was when I left my bed 10 hours earlier! Bed rest on Thursday and a Doctor appt. for my plantar fasciatis(heels) yesterday morning where I got a shot of cortizone in each(fun!) and new meds. to try for pain, today is Saturday and equals staying off my feet as per orders of my Doctor. Tomorrow is Sunday which equals another busy, yet rewarding day in the Lord's House.

No pain in my abdomen today, the heels, that's a whole other story!

Thanking and praising God for a wonderful, loving and caring husband and for friends that prayed for me on Wednesday and for those few, that called, you know who you are and you are always so faithful in checking on me, I love you guys! God is good and He gives us nothing that we can not happen and when I thought I could handle the ultrasound no more due to such an increase of pain while it was being done I just kept quoting Philippians 4:13," I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me."

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