Thursday, September 8, 2011


Can't believe that it is September...a lot has happened in the weeks since my last post! Summer is over, the kids have started school, and we are in our new groove at the Cottage.

The Princess started 10th Grade and the Bookworm started 7th Grade. They are both doing well thus far and are very excited about the classes that they have. The Princess is still going strong in Marching Band and the Bookworm hopes to be on the Wrestling Team this Fall at his school. This marks the first year in 9 years that the Bookworm has not played Fall soccer! I don't know how to act not having to go to soccer practices at least twice a week! This is a Season of change for him this year I suppose, time to venture into the anew.

The Major is enjoying his new job at the AFB. My van has become his since the drive is 45 minutes long and the van doesn't use as much gas as his truck, thus with that being said, his truck is now mine during the day. I prefer my van, but oh well, at least I have something to drive. The deployment that was suppose to happen hasn't and even that has changed several times. We have our FAITH in God and whatever happens, happens, when and if it happens. The Major is still taking classes and pursuing his Seminary Degree, he is much closer to the end now than he was. God has great things planned for him!

As for me, I am still the wife, mom, taxi driver, dogkeeper, maid, errand runner and cook that I have always been, yet I wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy doing for my family and the silence that is in my house during the day while the kids are at school and the Major is at work is broken with an array of giggles, doors shutting, fridge and cabinets banging, and dogs barking in excitement once they arrrive home in the afternoons. The silence is gone and it's a wonderful feeling to hear the busyness of our family rumbling through the Cottage.

Summer to now Fall brings an end to a wonderful garden that was in the back yard at the Cottage. Both front and back gardens in the back yard are now pulled. Leaves are beginning to fall off the fruit trees, the water in the pool is cool and the air is beginning to have that little bit of crisp in it. Soon it will be time to rake the leaves and decorate the yard with mums and pumpkins to add just that little bit of Fall pop to the Cottage.

So, good-bye Summer and white shoes, and hello to the memories and lessons that are to be made as Fall is beginning.

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