Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Splash of Color

It has been a very busy week! It has been so busy that I am canceling the kids' dentist appts. tomorrow and rescheduling them for when they are on break!

The new house is still in progress, praying praying praying that we close this week! If not, I am not even going to worry about anything until after the Holidays. I am not even thinking about Christmas and buying gifts yet! Christmas has gotten way to commercialized! What happened to the real meaning of Christmas....CHRIST. Of course, I know what happened, so many people leave CHRIST out of their life all year long, why bother to celebrate HIM at CHRISTmas!

In the new house this week we were able to get the kids' new rooms painted on Friday when the Captain was off from work. It only took us a few hours, and the rooms look awesome and fresh. The next room on the agenda for this week is our bedroom, then we are going to go ahead and paint the sitting room downstairs. Can't wait to close, everytime I walk in the house I love it more and more!

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Cheri said...

What a blessing to be able to work in your new house before closing! That will make move in so much easier for you guys!

Praying for a little peace for you guys this week!