Monday, November 22, 2010

Marvelous Mad Monday

Another Monday is upon us....the weekend flew by yet again :) The Captain and I enjoyed a great Saturday with the Princess and the Bookworm. We spent it about an hour from our house, at a wonderful Mall that we had never been to. We had a great day and ended it with watching the new Harry Potter Movie, which by the way, was awesome!

Today will be a full day in our household. The Princess has her EEG done today at the Neurologist. I am glad that we will be getting this done today, Wednesday she had her first migriane headache that constituted going to the Doctor the next day and getting medicine and a shot in the rear. After three days of having it, it finally went away....poor Princess.

Christmas lights outside are on the agenda for this evening for us. The four of us love putting up our lights outside each year. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, with the Captain's wooden cross that he made, will be the center attraction in our yard. Tomorrow night will be our tree/trees. We always put up two. One in the family room and one in the dining room, which, by the way, was the Captain's idea.

The kids have a two day school week this week! Nice!! Wednesday night will be a time of fellowship at our home with wonderful Christian friends of ours. Dinner and fellowship, can't think of anything better than that!

Turkey Day is Thursday! This Thanksgiving we will enjoy being at my parent's home. It will be the first time in almost 2 years since we have all been together. My brother and his wife will be down from Chicago, it will be nice to see them. As I think about Thanksgiving, and this week in general, I remember that last year this time the Captain and I were on a Cruise for our Anniversary. We had a wonderful time! And speaking of our Anniversary....we will celebrate 16 wonderful years together on Friday. I am truly blessed, and have the most wonderful, Christian husband in the whole world!

Black Friday! Yes, black friday is Friday! I will be out getting some certain things that are going to be great deals! I usually don't go out too early on black friday, but this year I am, and one of the stores that I need to be at starts their sells at 12:01, so that is my first stop!

The Holidays, a truly wonderful time of the year........Christ, the most wonderful person that you can ask to be a part of your life : 0 )

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