Monday, December 28, 2009

All-n-A Days Work

So, this is the second week of Christmas/Winter Break....the kids are with their Granparents for the week(the Hubby's parents), the Hubby is on half days for today and the next two days then off for four days, and that leaves me home alone with the dog. It's lonely and boring.

Today when the Hubby got home at lunch we headed to the attic and started organizing it! We loaded up the van, it was slammed packed, with things that we took to GoodWill. Then we came back home and loaded it up again with recycling to take to the recycling center. We are over half way finished with organizing the attic and we will finish it tomorrow by going through all of the Christmas totes and sorting through all of those Christmas items that have been in storage for the past 6 years. Then we will take down the outside Christmas lights and put them up before it rains on Wednesday.

We may catch a matinee at the Movies tomorrow when the Hubby gets home from work before we finish conquering the attic and outside lights. There are a couple of movies that we would like to see.

I washed a couple of loads of towels today and some linens. I want to wash the kids' bed linens and have them fresh and clean before they get home. It always feels nice when you have fresh linens to sleep on.

Dinner tonight was pizza, we ordered it on the way to the recycling center today, it was good, but not the same as eating it with the kids!

Good night world...until tomorrow

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