Wednesday, December 2, 2009

15 Wonderful Years

The Hubby and I just celebrated our 15th wedding Anniversary last Thursday, and yes, this year it happened to fall on Thanksgiving.....for all of those that remembered our special day, thank you for remembering us.

We celebrated by taking a Cruise, just the Hubby and I. We took a 6 day 5 night Cruise on the Carnival Inspiration to the Western Carribean. We had a wonderful time together and are planning on taking another one on our 20th Anniversary, maybe a Panama Canal Cruise! Who knows, we may take another one before then and take the kids too, they are the perfect age for taking a cruise. It was really fun to watch all of the people that decided to take their "younger" children with them, and I am considering all children under the age of 10 "younger." These people looked miserable! Especially the ones that had babies, or toddlers or pre-schoolers or 5 year olds! All the Hubby and I could say to each-other was "Ha Ha"! I must mention here that I have the BEST Mother in the whole world! Thanks Mom for watching the kids(and Sandy our dog) for are AWESOME!!!! And the kids had a really fun time with you and Dad!

15 years is along time. We actually dated for about a year and then we were engaged for almost a year, so we have "technically" been together for around 17 years! What is the secret you say? God! God has always been our rock and our foundation, not only in our marriage, but in our family and our lives. Without God in your life, you are nothing. JOY: Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last.

As I look back over the past 15 years, I look back with joy, I anticipate the future, and I celebrate the present with laughter and love . God has blessed me with a wonderful Husband and I thank Him for that. I love you Hubby!

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