Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grocery Bill Slashed in Half

OK, so I have tried shopping everywhere since we moved back to the states from Europe, literally everywhere. Yes, even the commissary on Post, and yes by using the sale papers and by clipping coupons, I have always been a coupon user. But you know where I've been shopping for the past month and a half.........ALDI! Yep, I was so happy when I found that they have one here, it feels just like being back in Germany when I go there to shop! You have to put your quarter in the buggy in order to get a buggy to use(just like Germany except you use a euro), and the checker sits at the register just like in Germany and the cash register drawer pops up just like in Germany, plus you must bring your own bags or buy them just like in Germany!

I LOVE ALDI!!! My grocery bill has been slashed by at least half since I have been shopping at ALDI! I am very happy about that. And the kicker is, I buy NO processed food at all, all of my food is fruit and vegetables....fresh things. I only spent $160.00 today and that will last for two weeks, besides that staples like bread and milk. Why is it so cheap...........the overhead, generic brands, sometimes you'll find a namebrand name, they don't take coupons either because there prices are already cheap.

So if you have an ALDI by you, try it, and I bet you'll love it!

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Cheri said...

I keep hearing ravings about Aldi's but we don't have any near us... Stuck with the commissary 90% of the time...