Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grocery Shopping at the Commissary

Today the Hubby and I decided that we would go and get groceries on Post at the Commissary. We hadn't been to the Commissary yet, and boy was it an experience! Today was retiree and senior citizen day!!!! Not really, but that is what was at the Commissary this morning! Know don't get me wrong, I love older people, after all, that is my specialty with Nursing, Geriatrics.

What would have taken me about an hour grocery shopping, took double if not longer today! Poor Hubby was asked numerous amounts of times to get heavy things off of shelves by various older people. Such things as big bags of dog food! Maybe next time the Hubby should take off his uniform and put on civilian clothes before we go to the Commissary?!?!

Oh well, after all was said and done, we enjoyed getting groceries together and I saved $35.35 with coupons!!! How have you saved lately, I'd like to know? Please share.

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