Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Been A While

It's been a few days since I have blogged.......try a week! I have been sooo busy with unpacking and trying to get the house organized and also gettting the Cristmas Tree and all of the Christmas decorations up! Did I get it all done............YES! I am officially finished with everything in the new house! It feels great to walk in any room in the house knowing that it is all unpacked and organized!

I felt so caught up that we picked the kids up from school yesterday when school was out and we went and spent the night at my parents(they live about an hour and a half away). The guys planned on going hunting this morning and us girls, well, you know what girls like to do....we went SHOPPING! We had a fun time shopping too, we must have hit about 10 stores and the Mall! Oh yeah and we had lunch too, we love the salad bar a Ruby Tuesdays, so that is what we just had to have for lunch. The guys, well they went hunting getting up at the crack of dawn! They had fun and they had lunch at Hardees. A great day and time for everyone!

Now we're back at our home. Tomorrow morning we are venturing out to find a Church to go to. We are going to try the First Baptist Church here in our town. It's so hard when you move and you have to find a new Church, my only rule is NO filling out "new visitor card"! We did that at one place where we were stationed and we were always getting visits from the "New Visitor Committee"! It got so bad we had to tell them to leave us alone! Oh well, God will lead us where he wants us to be.

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