Sunday, August 7, 2011

You Had Them.....You Raise Them

It's amazing to me to see people that have children and they don't take care of them. I mean, they don't attend things at their children's schools, or go to their extra-curricular activities, or the parents don't cook and the family doesn't eat together, or they don't go to Church together or they don't watch their kids. Sad, just sad.

There is an old saying: You had them, you raise them! It really annoys me to see "parents" not doing for their children. Some want to be their children's "friend", let me say one thing, we are not our children's "friend" we are their parent! There is a difference between being a "friend", and being a good parent that has a close relationship with your child. God said that we(parents) are to train up a child and to train them up in the Lord.

Can you believe that sitting down to dinner at night is almost null and void! Yes, it's true! Why would anyone not want to sit down to dinner at night and eat as a family?! I cook every night and we sit down to dinner every night as a family and eat together and talk about how our day was and then we have a 5 minute devotion. Who wouldn't want to be apart of that with their children? It saddens me to see parents going through the drive-through every night and not eating together. Oh yeah, and lets not forget that they don't even stop before they eat and thank God(say the blessing)!

And talking about the blessing, lets talk about those parents that don't go to Church! Seriously people, how can you make it the whole week without going to Church and worshipping God! How can your children grow up and not know God! My heart breaks for those that do not go to Church and for those that don't walk with the Lord. It is not just to go to Church only at Easter and Christmas or for "special occasions". I have always wondered what goes through the minds of those that only attend Church at Easter and Christmas or those special occasions. I would be embarrassed, you know, that they know, that they should be in God's house every Sunday. This also makes me think of those that send their children to a Christian/Church School and they don't even go to Church........really......what is the point?

Then there are those that just don't want to watch their kids. Yes, there are those that work and have to put their kids in day care, that is understandable, but then you have those that don't work and they just throw their kids in day care or off on others at the drop of a hat! Oh, I need to go to Sears, can you watch my kids, oh, we want to have time by ourselves, can you watch my kids, oh, I need to take a nap, can you watch my kids. Or better yet, there are also those that put their kids in things and expect others to take them to what they put them in......really? I am not saying that there is something wrong in having someone watch your kids, but get a sitter, yes, everyone needs a break, but do they need a break everyday!?!

I have seen a lot of this from living all over the world, and right here on the East Coast.........I could go on and on, but to be blunt, You had them, you raise them! And raise them in the way in which they should go!

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