Monday, August 1, 2011

Surgery and Sickness at The Cottage

The most anticipated day finally arrived on Thursday, this being the day of my hand surgery. It started out with my surgery being at 12:30, then moved to 2:00, then the morning of with me getting a call to come as soon as I could to the Hospital. That being said, I called the Major on his cellphone and told him as soon as he got home from registering the Princess for her Sophomore year of High School that we needed to leave for my surgery.

We arrived and I was taken back and pre-oped for surgery, the Major was able to go back and stay with me which was nice. For me having to hurry and get there, it wasn't until alittle after 4 pm when I was finally taken back to have my surgery. The Major hadn't had anything to eat all day as well as myself. God provided in the form of an Angel named Erica. She was the head nurse in charge of surgery and she came in at 3:30 to meet us and to see how we where doing, she asked the Major if he had eaten anything and he said no, but that he would wait until they took me back to surgery. She left saying she would be right back and when she returned she called the hospital cafeteria to see what time they closed then she handed the Major two 5 dollar vouchers to the cafeteria and told him to go get something to eat and that he could bring it back up and that if they tried to take me while he was gone that she would make them wait. The Major later told me that he was worried about eating up until that point because earlier he said that God told him that he would provide food for him. What an awesome God!

Not longer than 20 minutes after the Major returned they came and took me to surgery. What do I remember........nothing! I remember being rolled into the operation room and seeing the light above me and asking the anesthiasologist if he had given me something and he said yes, and that was it! We were home at around 6-6:30. It was an all day event! I got home and was in the bed, and then the Major started not feeling well adn he was in the bed too! Friday found the Major going to the Doctor and then home and in the bed resting all day with me still in the bed as well sleeping and resting with my arm propped up. Saturday found the Major returning to the Doctor yet again, still very sick and back in the bed along side me! With ear infections, sinus infection and blisters all in his throat he was not able to eat anything and barely able to drink anything too. So life at the Cottage has been quite interesting since Thursday!

Thanking the Lord for my parents! They came up yesterday and checked on us. My Mom brought homemade chicken and vegetable soup and they took the kids to lunch. Thank you Mom for calling and checking on us during the day as well! Also the Princess has really been taking care of the Major and I too! It hard with only having one hand to use until the 9th! She has helped by opening up pill bottles and things for me. Saltine crackers and coke have been my friend for the past 4 days, finally yesterday I was able to eat without feeling nauseous. The Major started feeling somewhat better late last night and he was finally able to eat some of my Mom's soup even though he was very much in pain trying to swollow, Praise the Lord he was able to becuase he had to eat something besides jello and vanilla yogurt!

I thank my parents for constantly calling and checking on us and for the two people from our Church that called checking on us, and for the one friend that sent a card. It really doesn't take a lot of effort to pick up the phone and call someone and see how they are doing, or send a card. Sometimes people just need to know that others care about them and that they are being thought of and prayed for.

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