Friday, December 31, 2010

The New Year

Today is New Year's Eve.....hard to believe that 2010 is almost over and tomorrow will be the first day of the year 2011. Our New Year brings about some wonderful things: New Home and Promotion for the Captain :) Today brings about finishing the painting in our new home and working outside a bit. We will shoot some fireworks with the kids tonight as well. My ham is thawing for a nice dinner tonight and tomorrow dinner will consist of the traditional New Year's Day food.....yummy!

I do not believe in New Year's resolutions, as always I will continue to put my trust and faith in God. With God, all things are possible. I challenge you to do the same this year too, drop the New Year's resolutions because let's face it, they are silly, all you need to do is put your trust in God. It is funny hearing people talk about their "New Year's Resoltuion" and then you hear them again in a few months on how they "broke" it......silly, just silly to me!

We have a tradition, I guess you could say, in our family, my Father-in-Law always says,"I wonder what the new year will bring." He may or may not realize it, but we look forward to him saying it at the end of each year, it's become a tradition.

2010 in review: I had a couple of out-patient surgeries, the Bookworm was re-diagnoised with Asthma(now it is under control), The Princess started High School and Marching Band, the Bookworm started Middle School and started playing the trombone, The Captain was instructor of the Quarter at work, and then won instructor of the year, the Captain was in a wreck and our car got totaled and now has the truck that he has always wanted, I was finally diagnoised and learned that I have Hashimoto's Disease and finally put on meds., and we bought a house! Through everything that has happened, good or bad, we have always put God first and put our total trust and faith in Him.

We look forward to the New Year and all of the things that God has planned for us, because no matter what the circumstance, God gives us nothing more or less than what we can handle!

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