Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ok, well this morning I decided that I needed to vaccum. So I vaccumed the kids side of the house and I vaccumed the family room and I was starting to vaccum the kitchen rugs and the dining room when my vaccumed started to smoke! Yes folks, my vaccum started smokin and smelling like smoke too! Yes, it's my fault! One of my kitchen rugs got caught in my vaccum!!! Yes, I know pretty dumb.......and now my vaccum doesn't work! We just bought it when we moved here about 5 months ago! Gee......

Well, the vaccum will be sitting on the curb in the morning waiting to take it's last ride to where it will be laid to rest.......the dump!

Guess I'll be going out and buying a new vac today!

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Cheri said...

We love our Dyson animal. Absolutely love it. I use it to clean the paneled doors, the blinds, the trim molding - oh, and vacuum! It really does get up the animal fur, like nothing else we've ever had. Pricey, but so worth it for us!