Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy as Bees

Spring has sprung and this family has been as busy as bees! We have now started games for softball with the Princess and baseball with the Bookworm, not to mention regular practices as well.......thus busy! But it's a nice thing to be busy, we're out the house and enjoying the beautiful warm weather and sun that we have been so blessed to have lately.

Last night the Princess pitched another awesome game! Pitcher is her thing, and she knows it! The other pitcher last night on the other team, didn't even compare to the Princess at all! The Princess and her team won 2-9! Way to go!

The Bookworm's attitude of playing is very different than that of his sister! I guess that's the difference between an all boy team and an all girl team. Boys can be so mean to eachother! You can tell the different parenting styles that people have, or should I say, the lack of parenting. It just bewilders me at some of these boys and the rudeness that they have! He plays center outfield and does an awesome job at stopping the balls! He hit really well last night too! They lost, I don't know the final score, but they lost by 2.

So today is a free day for us, no games and no practices that is until tomorrow, the Princess has a practice tomorrow. Next week there are practices and games again. We are praying that it rains for their games on Thursday and that the games get rescheduled. I know, what a silly prayer right? Well, see, the Princess is getting inducted into the National Beta Club on next Thursday evening, the same time as their games, so they will miss their games. If it rains, they technically want miss it, and they can play them the next night! Please help us pray for rain for next Thursday!

May you have a truly blessed day today and enjoy the wonderfulness of God's glory!

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