Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Deployment Vacation:Virginia

It's been a CrAzY Summer, the kids and I have tried to stay extremely busy since The Major is Deployed. And with Deployments come Vacations that Dad misses. It doesn't feel right being on Vacation and The Major isn't with us, but we went anyway. So, off to Virginia it was!

Our first stop was a quick, less than a 5 minute, pull in and out of South of The Border to take a picture! Yep, and that's what we did, jump out the van take two pictures, back in and back on the interstate!

Next stop was Williamsburg, Virginia.
We were going to The Great Wolf Lodge.

 We've been to the one in North Carolina 3 times before, but we have never been to the one in Williamsburg, I have to say that we prefer the one in Williamsburg. It had more water rides and was not as crowded which I found odd since it's right in the middle of a tourist vacation spot! Oh well...
Our fun started time we checked in and went upstairs to put our luggage in our room, the fire alarm went off and the WHOLE Lodge was evacuated! Yep, fun times! It didn't last too long, about 30 minutes, then it was back inside to change into swim suits and to go have some fun!

First stop was the Howler. If you don't know what this is it's suppose to resemble a big wave and you get on a board and ride it. Teen Two really wanted to do this, of course Teen One wasn't sure about it, so good ole' Mom stepped up and I did it with him. At first I was thinking what was I getting myself into, but afterwards it was the most fun that I had had in awhile! It was so much fun that I did it again and I have proof, check out the pictures, and yes, I'm in my bathing suit. Never would I ever post a picture of me in my bathing suit, its amazing what losing 100 pounds does for your self esteem :)

Here we are waiting for our turn on the Howler!

Here's the proof!
If you've never been to The Great Wolf Lodge I encourage you to go. It's all indoors and there is something to do for all ages. If you are Military they offer an awesome Military Discount. They have Magi Quest too and an Arcade, a Teen Center, outdoor pool, putt-putt, indoor wave pool, lazy river, and tons of other water slides that are so fun. Great food too! They have a Starbucks, and a Pizza Hut inside. A fun time to go is in the Winter, like around January or Febraury when your family has those Winter Blues because it's too cold to go outside.                                                                                     


Our next stop after The Lodge was Virginia Beach to visit and stay with The Major's parents for a few days. It had been a whole year since they have seen us, you can imagine how shocked they were to see how much the Two Teens had grown and how much weight that I had lost. First thing that Teen Two and Granpa did was to have an icee throw down! They had a race to see who could drink and finish an icee the fastest. Needless to say that Granpa won because Teen Two was laughing at Granpa! It was fun to watch. They also had a 20 count chicken nugget throw down and a mountain dew throw down in which Teen Two won them both. The Teens also enjoyed getting in the pool with their cousin too, I'll call her First Cousin, because after all, she was the Teens and is the Teens First Cousin.

On that Friday the Teens and I headed to Busch Gardens. So we went back to Williamsburg. If you are Military and you don't know of the Military Salute that they offer I encourage you to look it up. You can get into either Busch Gardens or SeaWorld or Sesame Place for free. A very awesome deal, so the Teens and I didn't have to pay one penny to get into Busch Gardens, all I paid for was lunch and whatever else the Teens wanted. We had an awesome day and the new rollercoaster, the Verbolten, was AwEsOmE!!

The next day was Saturday and I had planned a few months back along with The Major's Parents to take Teen One Rock Climbing for her Birthday. She kept talking about how much fun Rock Climbing was the last time they went, so I thought that it would be an awesome surprise for her, and it was! I even got in on the fun! Yes, me, Rock Climbing!! Never in a million years did I imagine myself Rock Climbing. I can assure you that if I had not lost all of the weight that I have lost, there is NO way that I could have Rock Climbed either! It was absolutely the most fun that I have had in a long time. It was an awesome morning!!! And it was great memories made with my Two Teens, they couldn't believe that Mom was able to Rock Climb with them :)
Our trip to Virginia ended fast, at least it seemed that it did, and before we knew it we were back home. Despite The Major being Deployed, the Teens and I had a grand vacation. It was nice to get away from our Cottage and out of our State for a few days, but it's always nice to be back home too.

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