Thursday, May 31, 2012

Couch To 5K

So, yeah, who would have ever thought that I would buy running shoes, much less some new hip running shoes and on top of that, who would have even imagined that the word "running" would come out of my mouth! Well, it's true, those are a picture of my new hip running shoes, and yep, you read the Post right, I've started doing the Couch to 5K App that I downloaded on my Ipod. Not only am I doing it, but the Princess/Teen 1 is doing it with me too!

The Major will be really excited and surprised when he ReDeploys and we are able to run together. One of his goals for our family has to been to all run a 5K together. Lets just say that his dream is now a step closer :)

For those that would love to start running, this is a great App to use. And no, I didn't start cold turkey. I've been walking a mile every day for the past 6 months and exercising daily, so the only thing different with the Couch to 5K is the running part. The one thing that is sweet about this App is that you only run for 1 minute and then you walk for 1 minute and a half, then you repeat 5 more times with a warm up of 5 minutes at the beginning and a cool down of 5 minutes at the end. Total work out is less than 30 minutes and the Princess and I felt great afterwards and we were high-fiving eachother!

If you know me and you've seen what I use to look like and the lack of exercise that I use to do then you completely understand what a huge accomlishment that this is. I look back to where I use to be and look at myself now and I can finally see that all of my hardwork has paid off and is continuing to pay off. Faith in Christ, Family and Perserverance are the 3 things that have helped me get where I am today!

Curious about Couch to 5K download it on your phone, Ipod or Ipad and check it out....what's it gonna hurt?

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