Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a MAJOR thing....

It has been awhile since I have blogged, and there has been a lot that has been going on in our family lately:)

I finished my two classes;Psychology and Theology(Introduction to Christian Thought) and I got A's in both of them! I enjoyed both of the classes and was sad when they were over! I just started on Monday with my Spring D intensive class and I am taking Sociology. I decided to just take one this intensive semester since it will be Spring Break for the kids and school will be ending soon for the kids, thus making for a lot of happenings at both of their schools.

The Hubby also finished two more classes and is also taking another one....he of course is working on his Seminary. We have definately decided to retire, so we only have a little over 3 years left. We have faith that God will place us where He wants us to be if we have to move one more time and that that place will be where we can buy a home and retire at, and in the future this will be a place where the Hubby will be seeking a job at as a Pastor.

The Princess is doing well and started fast pitch softball last week. She loves softball! And I have to admit that she is a natural at it! She can play any position. Last year she was pitcher for her team, although her favorite position is short-stop. This year looks like she will be pitching again! But she will also get to play short-stop as well. Can't wait til the games start! I love watching her! Today she is at the Honor Band Competition. Praying that they place! She really enjoys playing her flute. She got her report card yesterday and did very very well......I am a proud Mom!

The Bookworm has been very busy as well. He is in the Archery Club at school and he is going to the State Archery Competition tomorrow...wish him luck! He has also been very busy with his Science experiment and he was invited to take it to the SC State Competition last Friday. Although he did not place there, it was still an honor just to be able to go. He received his report card yesterday and he made all A's! He was very proud! Despite the fact that he was re-diagnoised with asthma 3 weeks ago, he has been doing exceptionally well, and praise God that his asthma is finally under control!

So, this morning was a good morning, I got a call from the Hubby at around 7:30 saying that he made the MAJOR list! We were both doing the happy dance! I am very proud of him, he deserves it. What does this mean for us: Who knows? I'm sure it'll mean a MAJOR change in some way.....but we're up for the challenge, what ever the future holds we hold our faith and trust in Christ!

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